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Sales Representatives

FreeNez invites people to market and develop a sustainable second monthly income. As a FreeNez independent sales rep, you will be spreading success and happiness to people by marketing totally free value added useful services. You can easily create an income of over $5000 per month using social media.

To help with your marketing, FreeNez provides a free domain name of choice and an attractively designed free hosted website. FreeNez pays Sales Reps immediately and automatically through Paypal from the first month of enrollment of premium members.

FreeNez independent non exclusive Sales Representative terms are as follows:

1. For individuals or businesses enrolled as Premium members, FreeNez pays $5.00 (over Rs320) per member every month, so long as the enrolled member remains active as a Premium member. All payments are made through Paypal.
2. There is no limit to the number of members enrolled by a Sales Representative.
3. The Sales Representative will be an independent (non employee) sub contractor and a Premium member of FreeNez and will be solely responsible for tax filing of earned income from FreeNez. FreeNez will not deduct any amounts for taxes.
4. To protect the efforts of a Sales Rep., only 2 Sales Reps. per culture (language spoken) are accepted in every city of the world.
5. It is totally free to be a Sales Rep of People in most of the countries, including India can now sign up for Payments through Paypal.
6. Termination Policy : If a Sales Representative violates any of the Terms & Conditions or is determined to be non performing at the sole discretion of FreeNez, then he/she will be terminated and the Sales Representative's account cancelled, without any liability of any kind on either party. To protect the Sales Rep's past efforts, the Sales Rep will continue to get paid for the past commissions and his/her status will be changed from a Sales Representative to a Premium member, wherein the monthly $10 fee will cease to be refunded and the Premium membership benefits will apply. A Premium member can choose to downgrade the status to a Free member, in which case the Free membership benefits will apply and the member will no longer get a free website or a free domain name and the rest of the Premium membership benefits shall cease.
7. Any disagreements shall be settled only through arbitration as per the New York State laws. The Owner/s disclaim any liability. See Disclaimer.

For any clarification of the above or help, please email to

To become a non exclusive Sales Representative of FreeNez, please email to with the following sentence "I agree to the above non exclusive Sales Representative terms. I will sincerely market worldwide."