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How do I view my own site so as to make money?
One of the important free benefits of is that all the members get their own website at no cost. To view your exclusive site, just go to Your username is the one that you create in the basic details form. So, give your username to your relatives and friends and tell them to go to or insert in the Referrer field of Sign Up form..
When someone Signs up on your site, the "Referrer" field on the Sign up form will have your username, so that you get the credit for that person. You as a Premium member will earn $5.00/month for that person when he/she signs up for Premium membership.
How do I make money on the site?
Its simple. Just invite people to your free website. As explained above, if you are a Premium member and you enroll a person, who signs up for Premium service you get paid a commission of US$5.00 every month for that active member. There is no limit. So, for example if you enroll 1000 Premium members who remain active, you will be auto paid through secured PayPal US$5000 EVERY month for life. Plus, you can make money by selling your products and services on your own free hosted custom designed ecommerce website with your own free chosen domain name.
How much money I can potentially make?
See how you can Grow Easy Income. Refer as few as 10 people to use our Premium benefits and make $600 EVERY YEAR. Grow Easy Income at your pace. Refer unlimited number of people from one to one million and get auto paid US$5/month/member. One million premium active referrals will pay you $5 million every month, automatically deposited by secured PayPal.
What if I live in India? is available to the entire world. People in most of the countries, including India can now sign up for Payments through PayPal.
Why do I need Premium membership of
So that you can take advantage of all the Benefits. Only Premium members are paid referral commission. You can recover your small Premium membership $10 fee by enrolling just 2 members to Premium membership so that they enjoy the same benefits as you do.
Are there any tips on how to enroll people?
We provide you with a free website and tools to enroll your contacts and social media (facebook(TM)) friends. It is easy to make members as they would get the same benefits and services as you do. There is nothing to lose as Premium membership can be downgraded or cancelled without any penalty.
Do I need to be a Premium member of to receive commissions?
Yes, you have to be a Premium member to be paid commissions. You will not be paid, if you are a free member.
What if I am a free member and enroll customers who become Premium members, do I get paid on these customers if I upgrade to Premium?
Yes. You will start getting paid automatically on the date that you become a Premium member on all the Premium members, referred by you including the ones that joined, when you were a free member.
What other benefits do I get for being a member of
Can I downgrade from Premium membership to Free membership at any time?
Yes. Your commissions and all of the premium benefits terminate on the date you downgrade.
Will I get a refund if I terminate Premium membership?
Yes. Cancel membership at anytime and get a full refund of all the payments made by you, minus the referral amounts paid to you.
How do I advertise my products and services?
You can place ads in the Classifieds and in the Mall. Please see "Benefits" page for details.
Why do you need my optional YouTube username?
So that you can show video clips of your products and services, that you want to market, on
Do you provide a free website of my own?
The Premium members also get their own unique and attractive free website to showcase their skills, products and services..
Do I have to provide my personal information?
No. Not at all. However, the more information you provide, the more enriching will be your experience on the site.
Do you sell our personal information?
Absolutely not.
How much is the Premium membership fee?
Only $10/month. It is fully refundable at anytime after deducting the referral amounts paid to you.
What if I have more questions?
Please email us at for any questions you might have at any time. We are waiting to hear from you.